For the 'Same Day Design' can you really do it in a day?

If I'm at work / in the studio (not out of town), yes. But e-mail, or call or text for availability (which is generally most of the time).

Do you do these jobs over the weekend?

If I'm available, sure.

Can I mail you a check?

Due to the quick nature of these jobs (and random, newbie clients), I need to get paid in advance. When we connect, I'll give you my PAYPAL.

Is there a money back guarantee?

There is not. The jobs of this nature tend to allow me a certain amount of creative reign to get them done on time (but I follow your suggestions and direction, of course). However, any changes / additions can be made for $25 a quarter hour.

Do I own the work / the copyright?

You do. It's a work-for-hire. It's totally yours -- print it up, make those T-shirts or flyers, whatever you like! (I just get to show it on this website and / or in other promotional materials for myself).